Web Portal Development

PABM team’s e-commerce development expertise will take your business to the new level, boost customer engagement, and drive sales.

• We build web solutions and equip them with advanced mobile clients.
Our experienced mobile engineers will make sure your web solutions seamlessly integrate with their mobile counterparts for maximizing audience outreach across devices. Whether you are taking your bricks-and-mortar business online or developing an e-marketplace, PABM team can develop B2C and B2B solutions with highly customizable functionality:
• Personalized merchant and user accounts.

• Secured online financial transactions with full integration of international payment systems document automation.

• Inventory, order, and customer management solutions with procurement features, tracking, and notification systems.

• Electronic ticketing.

• Full integration with third-party customer support services.

• Navigation and search.

Enterprise Portals

We have an unmatched expertise in building full-cycle enterprise portal solutions. With PABM , you can automate your business workflow, optimize HR paperwork, as well as manage projects and tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

Web and mobile Expertise

Building a web portal so that it provides reliability, flexibility, and security within a single cost-effective solution often falls short.
At PABM , we develop software with distributed architecture for high system availability, accelerated response time, and superior load resistance.

We Do It Right

Delivering cutting-edge technology is a task for an experienced team with a solid set of skills.
Whether you are developing a news and media portal, an e-Commerce solution, or business enterprise software, PABM engineers have the experience and the competence to address your needs in the following areas:

• Application and data integration.

• Advanced database design.

• Responsive design techniques.

• Data visualization techniques.

Our Team

We build solutions that are scalable, fault tolerant, and capable of processing high traffic loads.

PABM team has expertise in developing robust identity management systems to ensure that your data are safe and protected.

Our team will work with you on developing a web portal, which is also highly interactive and user-friendly.