Social Networking Software

PABM clearly understand how people interact through online services and know how SNS should be built.

We offer a proper framework for your socially oriented project placing the concept of communication in the center of the solution and aligning our best development practices around the breakthrough features you suggest.

Social Technologies

PABM offers an appropriate technology, implements right tools and innovative features and provides comprehensive support and maintenance after the project is launched.

To support this multitude of ideas PABM offers its expertise in building the following.


Social Communities

At PABM you get access to the professionals who can provide your on-line community with unique branding, totally custom look and feel and supply it with the most popular social networking tools.

Social commerce

Social E-Commerce

Whether you want to launch a full-size social commerce project or just extend your existing application with social shopping tool, you can rely on PABM to incorporate smart networking features into your solution and securely integrate it with web payment systems or connect them with popular payment gateways.

Online servicing with social features

Social Services

If you plan to launch an on-line service you can rely on PABM to develop it fully social, and equip it with the best features and tools for enhanced visibility and user experience.

Social Networking Exchange

Content exchange and delivery

If your SNS idea is aligned around exchanging media content, we invite you to take advantage of PABM ’s extensive expertise in building highly scalable and solutions, able to store and deliver large data volumes.

Should your project involve one or all of these basic SN types, then PABM is your choice.

Features and Tools

Functionality is what makes your social networking project stand out and makes the idea go live.

PABM takes full advantage of its custom development experience to realize catching innovative functionality and seamlessly integrate it with social networking tools in one solution.

We keep in mind both frontend and backend tools – so that users are happy and admins could easily manage, track and react. To achieve better results PABM can combine commonly used tools with advanced ones.



Social Tecnologies

Selecting the technology for a social networking solution may be challenging. To make your solution easy to maintain, scale and update in the future, PABM offers:

• Professional database and application server architecture to sustain high loads
• Most open program architecture to ensure scalability for future extension
• Modular structure for easier maintenance and support
• Best-practice development techniques for cost reduction

PABM is flexible and can offer you several platforms depending on project size, objectives and your technology preferences. For internet-focused social software PABM favors PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Today an internet site lives in a complex environment. Users want to use mobile devices or work offline with further synchronization. Whatever the project size or specifics

At PABM you will find an all-round Social Networking Solutions development services.