School Resource Planning

School Administration


• Student Pool (Admission & Management)
• ExamPro ( Schedules, Question Banks, Results etc)
• Staff Room (Admission, time table, Leave Mgmt)
• Facility Manager( Assets, transport, Labs, etc)
• Document Manager (certificates/letters/forms)
• Inventory System
• Library Manager


• Front office support including Visitor book
• Pre defined format for inter office letters
• Appointments Management (date, time, person)
• List of received / dispatch documents from the office
• Pre defined format for the leave application
• Transfer certificate for the student and its office copy



• Follow up of Vacancy status
• Issue and tracking of Application forms.
• Registration and Termination procedures.
• Automated admission based on the given criteria
• Invoice (cash Invoice)
• Manual admission option
• Delivery Info
• TC management and report generation

Teacher & Students

• List of employees with there Academic Qualification and other Detail
• List of employees with the languages they know.
• Details of student at the time of admission
• Details of parents and guardians


• Item group and its complete description
• List of books issued per class, member, dept etc.
• List of books issued to the staff
• Daily reports on issue of periodical to staff / student
• Reports on current assets as per the books and other items
• Vendor/Donor Address book management


• Scheduling of Examination by class or subject
• Staff management for Supervision
• Cash invoice
• Invoice Adjustments
• Hall ticket / seat management
• Circular generation

• Scheduling of activities
• Analysis to get experts in particular activity
• Managing instructors and their leave pay etc

Time Table
• Pre-defined format of time table for day/ week/ month
•Scheduling of teachers for normal & substitution

• Monitoring of Students & Staff Attendance
• Guest lecturer follow ups
• Leave management


Fees /Donation

• Tracking of donation received and various types of reports
• A complete report of all type of fees for a specific period
• Reports on student who has paid the fees and due follow ups
• Pending fees status of students for a given period or in total