Custom Courseware

Depending on specific needs of a training process, we supply our solutions with a comprehensive set of options for effective content delivery and management:

  • Ready-to-deploy custom templates that ease online learning content building and migration
  • Facilities for integration of any type of existing training material created with the help of Flash, MS Office, Adobe products and other tools
  • Support for various information presentation methods, including text and media illustration, animation, simulation, audio and video
  • User-friendly time-saving content management options
  • Advanced scheduling features for better course planning, content delivery and changing
Custom Apps

Test Run

E-Learning Framework

PABM testing systems development process is oriented at providing a complete framework for online tests building, delivering and scoring. The TestRUN that we develop may include the following options:

  • Customized test bank organizer that facilitates tests creation and structuring
  • Advanced options for questions randomization
  • Instant feedback options for organizers and participants interactions
  • Adaptive scoring subsystem based on question grouping and test structure
  • Database storage of students’ information and testing results

Students Information Systems

Focusing on requirements that educational organizations has to students’ data management, PABM provides full-function information systems that encompass the following options:

  • Handy tools for students’ records creation and administration
  • Robust attendance, progress, grades and other statistics tracking, analysis and reporting subsystems
  • Schedule builder for effective courses and events scheduling, eliminating possible time and resources conflicts
  • Integration with existing E-Learning facilities and solutions
E-Leaning System

Interactive Content and Applications

e-Learning and e-Teaching Tools

E-Learning Tools

Our development team will make sure instructors can easily manage and store grades while students can have instant access to their performance status information.

E-Learning Software

Online Communication Software

Our technical wizards can transform a traditional classroom into a virtual one with instructional tools for live (synchronous) and self-paced (asynchronous) online learning:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Live chat
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Collaboration tools for group projects
  • Online discussion forums
  • Course wikis
  • Blogs and journals

Online Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Software engineers at PABM can design robust grading, assessment, attendance, and reporting online tools:

  • Online rosters and grading centers
  • Rubric-based peer assessment systems
  • Plagiarism-proof written assignment submission systems
  • Integrated testing services
  • Instructor feedback forms
  • Student progress tracking features and automatically generated reports
E-Learning Online Tools
E-Learning Integrated Tools

Integrated Productivity Tools

The following integrated productivity tools are designed to accommodate the needs of instructors, students, and staff:

  • Online calendars with important dates and deadlines
  • Task management solutions for students and instructors
  • Lesson planning tools for teachers

Content Management Systems for Higher Education

We can build educational content management systems that are intuitive in design, easy to use, and highly reliable and secure to comply with FERPA standards:

  • Online publishing and digital content repositories
  • Electronic library management system with advanced indexing
  • School and university intranet and web portals
Content Management Systems

Productive e-Learning Environment for Colleges and Universities

E-Learning Productive Environment