Restaurant Manager

Restaraunt Management System


• Up-to-date information on all aspects of food service operation
• Reduce Inventory on hand. Lower the food costs
• Track high cost/high variance inventory items on daily basis
• Detailed menu planning with offered versus served
• Decrease your food and labor cost while increasing your net profit
• Planning and establishing of receiving & delivery procedures
• Maintaining proper security measures to avoid waste /loss
• Restaurant Back Office Software with detailed inventory
• Create multiple Menus and price levels, powerful & easy to use functions
• Inventory Control for all items Supports up to three Shifts
• Built in powerful Accounting module



• Maintain a centralized master inventory list
• Inventory valuation may be based upon weighted average cost
• Daily updating in item quantity, usage, transfers etc
• Alert for low stock, nil stock and abnormal data

Sales & Accounting

• Daily / Weekly/ Monthly sales report
• Report for cash in hand and dues at the end of the day
• Local and delivery sale reports

Multi Restaurant

• Multi Restaurant integration.
• Individual or combined purchase and accounting.
• Various methods of Staff management

Order mangement

• Extremely fast and accurate order entry
• Quick and easy order modifications
• Hostess and reservation support
• Support for split guest checks and chaining


• Maintains various menu items and rates with pictures.
• Different menus based on the day/time week day or week end.
• Seasonal menusd


• Advanced delivery tracking and dispatching
• Customer database with order history
• Caller id interface for advanced tracking
• Graphically delivery maps, Travel times and Route planning