Smart Library

Library Management System


• Issue Modules differentiating Student, staff or general member
• Entry Modules for Book, Student, and Staff
• Return Module has the ability to update the book with physical status.
• Edit /update Modules to edit the status of Book, Student and Staff
• Fine module for follow-ups issue and due date and automate the whole process.
• Exhaustive Report module can generate all kinds of reports about Staff Student members and Book (issue Return, Status, Due and requirement)


• Powerful database engine , so retrieval of data is very fast
• Highly secured database and most user friendly.
• Reduces time consumption and improves the efficiency
• Restricts unauthorized access and various access levels
• Minimum manpower requirement
• Easy and advanced generation of reports
• Data redundancy is avoided


• Designed with real time concept
• Barcode & Magnetic reader interface can be added
• Self Issuing System compatible
• Multiple Libraries can be integrated with central database
• Integration with access control and alarm facility modules