Inventory Pack

Inventory system

Sell-source-ship model

Inventory Management Package for Manufacturers (IMPM) will help to meet manufacturer's demand without the burden of excess inventory.
Invest only in the inventory of your best customer's need today. Move away from the buy-hold-sell model of the past and towards the sell-source-ship model of the future. This package maintains two levels of inventory (components and finished goods) and can maintain a list of components for each finished product for easy accounting.


This package is designed, keeping manufacturer's need in mind to minimize the inventory and keep monitoring any wastage. The reporting module has the facility to get all kinds of reports similar to an ERP package. Other modules like Payroll, or CRM can be added easily. Data export /Import to excel is a built in feature.


• System is completely menu driven
• Well refined messages and prompts
• Product calculator automatically creates your selling prices based on the margins specified
• Specify the number of units that make up a product
• Automatic Markup from Cost with Auto-Recalculation
• Manual Pricing
• Create Item Kits (group items)

Main Features

• Add, edit or delete products, categories and/or subcategories
• Assign specific units of measure, i.e. units, boxes, cartons etc.
• Create the product as a Non-Inventory item
• Specify the number of units that make up a product
• Re-Order Point & Re-Order Amount
• Assign products to multiple categories

Other Features

• Manual Pricing option for Sales
• Attach diagrams or photos of product in view
• System is completely menu driven
• Manual Purchase Order Entry
• User Level Security


This package gives you one point access to your product information to manage stock, supplier associations, edit cost prices, assign selling prices, and to set re-order levels allowing better product and stock management. Creates Products and assigns multiple vendors with a different cost price


Basically this package consists of the following modules

• Purchase Order Processing
• Inventory for Components
• Manufacturing module
• Inventory for finished goods
• Sales order processing
• General Ledger